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Run a holistic code quality X-ray for potential defects and vulnerabilities in production code and release candidates. Gain actionable Python code insights in minutes.

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Detect Complex Python Code and increase development pace

Detect code prone to errors, difficult to understand, 
and challenging to modify. Identify and remedy these hotspots to enhance efficiency.

Ophio detects complex Python code using:

Cyclomatic Complexity Hotspots

Conditional Class Definitions

Nested Imports

Multiple Exits From Functions

Multiple Exceptions Raised From Functions

Reveal Dead Python Code and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs

Uncover code never executed by end-users, preventing unnecessary maintenance costs. Optimize your code base and focus on what matters.

Ophio detects dead Python code using:

Commented Out Production Code

Unreachable Code

Deactivated Tests

Achieve Superior Python Code Quality Today and manage risks effectively

Detect and fix low performance code and risky vulnerabilities. Transfer coding best-practices across 
the workforce, ensuring uniformity and excellence.

Ophio detects performance issues and vulnerabilities using:

Mutating collection on the fly

Indirect list/set/dict comprehension

Global keyword usage

Passing Exceptions

No Exception Specified

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Get a code audit from Python experts